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Do you know what cloud storage is?

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Simply put, EBILMETAL believes that cloud storage is a multi-warehouse logistics network with computing capabilities. And we can summarize the following three types from various statements about cloud storage:

The first type, what many people say about cloud storage is that it has many warehouses, and there is not much logic and connection between these warehouses, and even the owners of them are not the same. The inventory and operation of these warehouses are carried out independently, so this so-called cloud warehouse is actually a single warehouse in essence;

The second type is that many larger 3PLs say they are cloud storage to advertise their advanced nature. The real cloud storage mainly includes two types of capabilities. The first is that 3PL merchants can rely on customer data and customers’ service and cost requirements, it can recommend customers distribute their inventory in different warehouses so that the inventory is closest to the user, so as to achieve faster delivery results and lower express delivery costs. The second capability is that these 3PL warehouses are large in scale, highly automated, strong in operation, fast in order response, strong in fulfillment, and low in cost;

The third type is the real cloud warehouse. The cloud warehouse system not only distributes inventory based on data, and has a strong ability to automate order fulfillment, but also actively adjusts the distribution of omni-channel inventory and adjusts inventory based on the owner of the goods. Concentrate and optimize, and promote the replenishment of the upstream supply chain.

Therefore, my opinion on cloud storage is: First, cloud storage is based on a logistics network with multiple warehouses as a base, through information and transportation, and secondly, it is an algorithm system that calculates the logic of fixed inventory distribution within the network.

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