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Do you know the advantages of the three shuttle racks?

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The radio shuttle rack is a high-density storage rack system, which is a combination of radio shuttle, racking system and forklift. Many advantages of radio shuttle racks are not available in traditional racks. Therefore, more and more industries like to use shuttle racks. Then, EBIL GROUP will talk about the advantages of three common types of radio shuttle racks system.

The first is the conventional shuttle rack, which is a semi-automatic storage system formed by the use of shuttle racking systems and forklifts and other handling equipment. It generally requires manual storage. Compared with traditional racks, it can better complete the storage and retrieval operations. Storage space and work efficiency can be effectively improved, and the cost of this kind of shuttle rack is not very high.

The second is the stacker + radio shuttle rack system: it is an automated warehouse handling and storage system composed of the shuttle rack and the automated lane stacker. The storage area of the warehouse can be freely cut by the stacker and can form multiple operations. In this way, not only the handling efficiency can be improved, but the input cost can also be reduced to a certain extent.

The third type is the primary-secondary shuttle carrier racking system. This racking system is a storage system composed of radio shuttles, shuttle carrier, racks and forklifts. The system is mainly used to issue instructions to allow the shuttle to be automated. The work of storage, the labor force of the enterprise can be saved, and the primary-secondary shuttle carrier rack is an automated storage racking system that is more and more popular with enterprises.

EBIL TECH Radio Shuttle Advantages:

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8.     Three normal colors (gray, yellow, red), other colors can be customized

9.     It can not only used in normal temperature warehouses, but also cold storage (-40℃) warehouses, which are the first choice for the cold chain industry

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