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​ ASRS Safety Operating Procedures

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1. Stacker crane operators should have received training in safety technology and operation and maintenance technology, and other personnel are not allowed to operate privately.

2. Non-operators are strictly prohibited from touching and arbitrarily triggering the operation switch on the operation panel.

3. Before starting the machine, all the main command switches must be reset, and the mechanical and electrical safety devices on the machine must be checked whether they are normal; Otherwise, it is strictly forbidden to start.

4. The stored goods should be stacked strictly according to the size of the pallet and the specified size, and shall not be over-wide, over-height and overweight.

5. When the pallet position is not displayed on time on the stacker, it should be switched from automatic state to manual state, and then switched to automatic state operation after finishing, and it is strictly forbidden to sort out in automatic state.

6. Fences should be provided at both ends of the channel where the stacker crane runs.

7. Stacker crane is prohibited from entering or passing through the roadway when working.

8. During maintenance, the main power supply of Stacker Crane must be cut off, and the warning sign of "no closing, someone working" must be hung up, and the maintenance and repair work of Stacker Crane should be carried out at the end of the roadway as much as possible.

9. All maintenance work can only be carried out when the cargo platform is lowered to the lowest position, and it is strictly forbidden to stand under the cargo platform.

10. It is forbidden to start any non-fixed items and tools on the stacker crane when placed in a non-designated place.

11. After the stacker crane is repaired, only the stacker crane is allowed to be started by the personnel responsible for operation in good condition.

12. It is forbidden to continue to use faulty stacker cranes.

13. After manually operating the stacker crane work is completed and when leaving work, the stacker crane must be driven to its original position.

14. If the stacker crane is in the online operation mode, the stacker crane must be recalled to its original position when leaving work.

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