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Congratulations to EBIL GROUP four-way shuttle manufactured for the new smart warehouse project has entered the equipment commissioning stage.

There are three models to choose which can meet the actual needs of different customers. They are standard 4-way shuttle car, cold storage 4-way shuttle car and heavy duty 4-way shuttle car.

Four-way shuttle features:

1. Displacement of pallet goods by longitudinally and laterally traveling on three-dimensional cross rails;

2. Automatically change lanes and layers;

3. When encountering obstacles or reaching the end, it will automatically stop and respond accordingly, and choose the best walking route;

4. The four-way shuttle rack system has higher safety and stability;

5. It can automatically detect the power, when the power is insufficient, it can automatically go to the charging position to charge, without manual detection;

6. When any four-way shuttle fails, other four-way shuttles can come over and continue to complete the operation task, and the system can also use the hoist,

7. Connect equipment and so on to continue to complete the operation, so that the system capacity is hardly affected in any way;

8. The 4-way shuttle racking system not only suitable for low-flow and high-density storage, but also suitable for high-flow and high-density storage and picking.

What is the difference compared with the two-way shuttle racking system?

1. Two-way shuttle racks are composed of shuttles, racks, and forklifts. In addition to shuttles, racks, and forklifts, four-way shuttle racks can also be equipped with automated equipment and warehouse management systems to achieve true automated storage;

2. The two-way shuttle can only run in two directions, forward and backward, and the four-way shuttle can run in four directions, making the operation more flexible;

3. The two-way shuttle rack and the four-way shuttle have different layouts of hoist and conveyor systems. The former can only be equipped with one hoist system per lane, while the latter can be flexibly arranged according to the needs of customers.

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